Modern poetry is such a bore


Obscure symbology, nothing more


I don't understand it most of the time,


Careful -- Oh Careful


You're making this rhyme


Poetry should not be verse


That's old-fashioned.


Must be new you know!




But there's nothing new,


Shush! That's sacrilege


Or even worse.




There I go again.


Rhyming, and I know it.


I guess I'11 never make a poet




All this abstract prose,


Gives me dark suspicions,


Is it all a subtle con trick,


Played on my inhibitions?


I dare not boast my failure,


To comprehend a single line,


So must I do as the critics tell me,


And proclaim it as art sublime?




Oh dear,


This is verse again,


The critics will abhor it,


Penguins will throw up their hands in pain,


And no one will be for it.


Ughl That was ghastly!


You did that deliberately!


I know, I’m a throwback.




Woe! Woe! Woe!


Woe is me.


I don't smoke hashish!


I‘m not neurotic!


I'm not even in love with my father!


With those handicaps,


I doubt if I could even write scripts for television,


Much less poetry.


Gloom. Gloom. Gloom.


Does anybody want to buy a typewriter?