I began my writing career as ROBERT CHARLES, publishing 27 hardback titles, most of them with Robert Hale. Many of them also sold foreign translation rights and US paperback rights. One sold a film option. They are all out of print now but I have showcased them below, just in case there is a TV producer somewhere looking for a new TV series of Cold War espionage, or a series on pre Al Qaeda Counter Terrorism.




Simon Larren was my James Bond, although I created him before Bond hit the headlines with the first film. Larren was the killing arm of British Counter Espionage, the man who got all the wet jobs. If Ian Fleming had not used the term “Licensed to kill,” it would have fitted Larren just as well. His exploits ran through nine books, taking him through all the threats and dangers of the Cold War years.







I wrote the Counter Terror dossiers long before 9/11. The terrorists then were the PLO, the IRA, the Red Brigades and the Japanese Red Army. The series ran to eight novels, the action and the background coming straight out of the news headlines at the time.








There were other stand alone books, including excursions into the realms of horror and science fiction.