At one stage I was writing four novels a year for Robert Hale. Books were shorter then and blockbusters were not yet the norm. Hale decided that this was too many from one author and asked me to choose another pen name. I chose CHARLES LEADER and alternated my work between CHARLES LEADER and ROBERT CHARLES. I published 16 novels under my second writing identity.



             The David Chan Detective Agency novels were set in Hong Kong. The brains and beauty of the outfit were provided by Chan’s two partners: Tracey Ryan, a stunning redhead with a background in the FBI and narcotics, and Belinda Carrington, a raven haired English detective with an encyclopedic knowledge of oriental art. Chan modestly claimed to provide only the office and the fighting acrobatics.

            I thought the books would have made an original TV crime series. I even thought that David McCallum who played Illya Kuryakin in The Man From U.N.C.L.E. would be the perfect actor to play the part of David Chan.







            There were four Mike M’Call novels. He was the Double M man. The initials also stood for Munitions Manipulator, the fancy name that arms dealers sometimes used to call themselves. M’Call worked on the undefined edge of legitimate and illegal arms dealing in all corners of the globe.

            Again it was a concept which could have made for a first class action packed TV series, but so far it has not been taken up.




Again I wrote a long list of stand alone thriller and adventure novels.