Swordplay, space battles and astral travel, all combine in the FIFTH PLANET and THIRD PLANET trilogies by ROBERT LEADER




They came from Dooma, the fifth planet in the solar system, a planet destined to destroy itself in the holocaust war between the two great continents of Alpha and Ghedda. They came in separate expeditions, each one seeking a potential refuge on the third planet, the only other inhabitable planet in the solar system.

           They came in the dawn of time, when the Earth was young, to discover an ancient India, where the splendid kingdom of Karakhor was locked in its own deathly struggle with the massed forces of Maghalla and their allies of sub-human tribes.

           And so began the tragic double love story; of Kananda, the First Prince of Golden Karakhor, for Zela, his beautiful golden-haired Alphan Goddess from the Stars -- and of his sister Maryam, the wild rebellious princess of  Karakhor, who was fated to love, and be loved, by Raven, the ruthless, blue-skinned Sword Lord of Ghedda.


          From the exotic mists of Vedic mythology, to the harsh and barbaric Gheddan Empire, where the law of the Sword is carried godlessly into the space age -- and back again to the great climatic war of the Mahabarata, THE FIFTH PLANET chronicles the last desperate days of one world, and the grim, blood-stained beginnings of another.  


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        The first Gheddan mission to control the Third Planet has failed. The Sword Lord Raven has been driven out of the ancient Hindu kingdom of Karakhor and forced to return to Dooma. He takes with him Maryam, princess of Karakhor, who sees him as her lover and a possible saviour  in the coming battltle against the might of Maghalla.

        They are pursued by Kananda, the First Prince of Karakhor, drawn by his love for Zela, and his determination to find the sister he believes has been taken by force.

        On the Fifth Planet they are all hurled into the terrible arms race between warring continents of Alpha and Ghedda. A planetary catastophe looms as Kananda and Zela undertake a desperate mission into the heart of the Sword Empire. For Zela it is a race against time to save her world. For Kananda it is a matter of love and honour to find Maryam. And both of them are seeking vengeance against the Sword Lord.

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On the Third Planet the great war with Maghalla has begun. The ancient Hindu kingdom of Karakhor is under siege and facing its darkest hour. On the Fifth Planet the insane arms race between the continents of Alpha and Ghedda has come to its catastophic conclusion. Earth is now the only inhabitable planet in the solar system.

      For Kananda, the First prince of Karakhor, and his sister Maryam, their homecomings are a mixture of pain and grief. For their Lovers, Zela, Space Commander of Alpha, and Raven, the last Sword Lord of Ghedda, Earth is the final refuge where they at last come face to face.

       Here, on the blood-soaked battlefield, is where Zela demands her vengeance, and where Kananda must face Sardar, the dread king of Maghalla.

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The Fifth Planet has been destroyed in the Holocaust War, and now the fate of Earth, The Third Planet, rests with Raven, the last Sword Lord of Ghedda.


A gigantic fragment has broken away from the new asteroid belt formed by the destruction of the fifth planet and is on a collision course with Earth’s moon. The impact will push the moon into a decaying orbit which will destroy the last life-bearing planet in the solar system. Raven’s space ship can be repaired by cannibalizing parts of Zela’s crashed space ship, but it will take Raven and Zela together to fly it on one last mission to deflect the asteroid.


          However, Raven has gone into exile with Maryam. Kananda and Zela, now King and Queen of Karakhor, set out to find them.

          Their twin journeys take them across Earth as it was between the last two ice ages. Before they can return they must defeat a brutal new enemy, an astral adept who is determined to rule two worlds.

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         On the third planet, between the last two great ice ages, the quest continues. Raven, the last Sword Lord of Ghedda pursues his dream of leading a new military empire. He journeys from the southward drifting continent of Tar-Tika to the land of the Maytecs, where a blood stained pyramid is the scene of brutal human sacrifice.


          Raven is pursued in turn by Kananda and Zela who must bring him back to Karakhor. Only Raven can help to repair and fly the damaged spaceship he has abandoned. Only with Raven’s help can the last life-bearing planet in the solar system be saved from total annihilation.


          But in the jungle city of Chaxal Raven must first face a cruel and terrible enemy, an astral adept who is the reincarnation of a historical monster.


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          Kananda and Zela have at last caught up with Raven and Maryam and now they must all return to Karakhor and Raven’s spaceship. The flaming asteroid that was once part of the Fifth Planet is hurtling on its collision course with Earth’s moon.


          In the time between the last two great ice ages they have three continents and two oceans to cross. The Hindu city of Karakhor is again under threat from an invading army and Kananda has one last battle to fight upon Earth.


          However, the final conflict will be in space and in the spiritual world of the astral plane. The vengeful entity that is Strang is still an awesome force for evil on the astral, despite his broken physical form. Strang places every possible obstacle in their path, and is determined that all his enemies and the planet itself must die. His powers of mental coercion mean that he can even get them to kill each other.


                 320 pages. US paperback $14. 00.   Kin dle e-book $6.50.  UK paperback £9.00





          Back in the sixties I twice followed the overland hippie trail to India and beyond. I rated myself an officer in the Army of The Great Unwashed, because I had my own book of philosophy and my own toothbrush. I found the Secret of Happiness in a temple courtyard in Kathmandu, but that’s a private story.

          I also found a fascination in the cultures and the remnants of the ancient cultures I was passing through. As I explored the sites of Mohenjodaro, Khajuraho and Konarak my ever fertile imagination was stimulated by the stories and possible stories behind these vanished peoples. I read the great Hindu epics, the Ramayana and the Mahabarata, and wondered what could be meant by the references to flying chariots over ancient battles.

Much later I came across the theory that the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars was a residue of space rubble from a planet that had never quite formed. And I thought What If it had formed? What If there had been a lost Fifth Planet which had destroyed itself before the last Earth ice age?

What If is a very potent driving force in the mental life of an author.

          Our planet was still locked in the Cold War with a nuclear holocaust a real possibility. The Fifth Planet could have been a warning. The ideas all came together and The Sword Lord, Sword Empire and Sword Destiny were the result.




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