Hello and welcome to my website. Here you’ll find a variety of goodies, including free books and low cost books which you can download. There are direct links to my book page on Amazon and to Sapere Publishing who are reprinting many of my Robert Charles titles. I have written under three pen names, Robert Charles, Charles leader and Robert Leader.

          I have just celebrated my 85th birthday so this site spotlights a long writing life; more than 80 books written,  60 of them published by main stream publishers and the rest self published. I have had hundreds of magazine articles published and thousands of my photographs published. With all this output and experience I am hoping that here there will be many writing tips and insights that will be of interest to both other writers and readers. Every book description also carries THE STORY BEHIND THE STORY, which explains how the idea developed and how and why the book came to be written.









EXTINCTION’S EDGE is my six book series of an alien overview of the Vietnam War, from the fall of Dienbienphu to the fall of Saigon. After 40 years of trying and a string of near misses it has finally been self published. Vietnam seems to be an almost taboo subject where many publishers have lost money, but I still believe it is my best book. Here the first book is offered free so you can decide for yourself whether the remaining five are worth a small cost purchase.



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