With the Donald and the Korean Fat Boy both bragging about the size of their buttons and the length of their throw, this seems a good time to introduce some reality.






The lord creates clouds,


Of delicate white lace,


Drifting on the pure blue of His peace.




The Lord creates clouds,


Of piled marshmallows,


Mouth-watering in their mountainous magnificence.





The lord creates clouds,


Shot through with rays of sunlight,


Brilliant with the changing splendour of his moods.




The lord creates clouds


Racked in banks of crimson,


Edged with the golden glory of sunrise and sunset.




The Lord creates clouds,


Dark with rain and thunder,


 Bright with the lightning of his wrath.



Man creates a cloud,


That is only a mushroom of evil,


Red-veined with fire and destruction.




The Lord’s clouds create life.


Man’s cloud can create only Death.