FANTASTIC NEWS. I have just signed a contract with SAPERE PUBLISHING for new editions of all my old Simon Larren spy thrillers and for my Falcon SAS books.

    The Simon Larren books were my first successful series, appearing at the same time as the first James Bond film when espionage was the big seller in bookshops everywhere. The books sold foreign translation rights in most European countries and if Bond had not captured the film world I am sure they would have made an equally great series of films. They were later reprinted by Thorpe in their large print Lynford Mystery series, and I am thrilled that they are about to be released again in brand new editions for today's online readers.

     Sapere are an exciting new publisher with a clear vision of promoting vibrant voices, sensational stories and beautiful books. They plan to publish the first of the Simon Larren books in September and to have all of the series plus my two Falcon SAS books online by Christmas. The books will be available as e-books and as print on demand paperbacks.

     They have also asked me to continue the Falcon SAS series and so I am now writing again as Robert Charles, which was my first pen-name. THE BAGHDAD BETRAYAL is in high speed progress and will be the first of the continuing Falcon SAS series.